Wind Turbine Systems - Design and Documentation


Services in the field of Design and Documentation of Wind Turbine Systems comprises:

  • Aeroelastic simulation and load calculations
  • Faults, breakdowns and system faiure investigations
  • Assistance in design of systems for wind turbines
  • Preparation of documentation for approving authorities
  • Wind turbine load and performance measurements
  • Power curve measurement

Aeroelastic Simulation and Load Calculations

WEA has the aeroelastic code Flex 4 and is very experinced in the use of it.The code allows a realistic simulation of a wind turbine. It can be used for testing of design features, for development an tuning of regulation and safety strategies and for load calculations. The original code has in many ways been improved by WEA . Among these is a tool for cost optimisation of the wind turbine design.


Faults, breakdowns and system failure investigations

WEA offers assistance in investigations and analysing of faults, breakdowns and system failures. This comprises mechanical systems (gears, bearings etc.), hydraulic systems, operation and control features as well as rotor system failures.



Design of Wind Turbine Systems

WEA has been involved in the design of many wind turbine systems. This comprises this steel towers and other structural parts, blades, hydraulic systems, picth regulation system, brake systems and others.

Strength Calculations

Strength calculations of structural and machine parts can be performed by WEA. FEM analysis is not done as in-house tasks, but WEA can in cooperation with specialist in this field participate in planning and analysis of FEM calculations.

Documentation for Approving Authorities

Approving Authorities such as Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd are well known by WEA, who has provided wind turbine dokumentation to both. WEA is also familiar with the requirements, standards and recommendations, which the documentations must be based on. This comprises national Danish and German regulations as well the IEC standards and a number of general standards and recommendations.

Measurements on Wind Turbines

Measurements is also a field of experience for WEA. This comprises performance measurements (power curves), load measurements by use of strain gauges and/or accellerometers and a number of more specialised tasks such as spectrum analysis. WEA has the equipment for these tasks, and has also a number of tools for analysis of measurements, many of them in-house developed. This comprises method-of-bin ordering of data, rain flow counting, equiavalent load calculations and various statistical analysis.


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