Wind Technology - Experience and Services




The staff of WEA Technology has long experience in the wind energy business - up to 20+ years.

The company and its staff has been involved in almost any aspect of wind techology.

Research is also a key experience for the company, who has participated in a number of cooperative research projects financed by public international and national institutions.





The services offered by WEA Technology A/S comprises:
Wind studies and wind turbine siting.
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Design and analysis of wind turbines and wind turbine systems

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The network

Denmark is a center for wind energy with a lot of know-how concentrated in this field. This comprises wind turbine manufacturers, component manufacturers, suppliers of components as well as a range of experienced consultants and researchers.

WEA has a solid base in this network and if we are asked for job we can't do ourselves, we can find a skilled partner to do it.

Among these are Risoe National Laboratories, one of the key centers for research and consultancy in wind energy. We have a tight cooperation with Risoe, and our office is situated close to them.  

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