The DC-104R is a dynamic strain recorder featuing an ultra-small size and on-vehicle measurement. It has a 4-channel configuration and is as small as postcard and extraordinarily lightweight. It is an all-in-one dynamic strain recorder with a 16-bit high-resolution ADC, a high sampling rate of 50 microseconds per channel, and a USB port. Data can also be recorded off-line using a compact flashTM memory card of 32, 64 or 128MB in storage capacity (one designated by our company). The Controller DC-7104, a software program that comes standard with this recorder, allows a user to perform all steps of dynamic strain measurement of a WindowsTM PC, from the calibration of the recorder prior to measurement to the editing of collected data. It also allows a user to store data in the DADiSP/2000 format for data analysis.

Weight : Approx.500gr.
Power source : DC10 - 16V
Number of channels
4 channels

Measuring object

Dynamic strain(in normal)

Measuring range

±20000 x10-6 strain

Frequency response

DC to 1kHz(-3dB±1dB)

Gauge resistance

120(ohms),350(ohms)(Full bridge)

Saving speed (sampling intervals)


Data size

12M,16M*1,24M*1,32M*2 ,48M*2 word

*1 in 1-ch use only,*2 in 1 or 2 channel use
Other with upto 4 channels

A/D converter

16-bit Successive approximation (14-bit output)
±5000x10-6 strain range 1x10-6 strain div.
±10000x10-6 strain range 2x10-6 strain div.
±20000x10-6 strain range 4x10-6 strain div.

The DC-104R has rewrite function of EEPROM, and upgrading program can be downloaded from TML's Website.

Updating Hardware from DC-104R Ver. 1.0C

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